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Our Story

We love to do healthcare research. It's that simple.

And we'd like to make these services accessible to any client who needs them. We work in both the United States and Internationally, including in low-resource settings.

Our Team

Dr. Simon Jones, PhD is Co-CEO & Co-Founder. He is a mathematical epidemiologist and health services researcher with extensive expertise in using "big data" and predictive analytics to solve healthcare delivery challenges. His research portfolio has included health workforce planning, disease surveillance, and organizational benchmarking to name a few. He is also the veteran of 3 successful healthcare analytics start-ups.

Dr. Allison Squires, PhD, RN is Co-CEO & Co-Founder. Drawing from a decade of clinical practice experience as a nurse and training as a health services researcher, she is an internationally recognized expert on nursing and midwifery workforce issues. With expertise in qualitative and survey research methods, her research portfolio has included addressing language barriers at the point of care, improving immigrant health outcomes, international nurse recruitment, and developing solutions to optimize the efficacy of the nursing workforce.

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